Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat tra la la...

Oh poor blog. With such a badass name, an unsuspecting reader might expect sharp wit and humor, analytical debates on politics and cutting edge technological reviews. Instead, they find a Christmas List:

Lola: baby legs, a painting (or a print to be more specific b/c her Mama's too poor to afford the original) that somehow contains the moon, another favorite topic of discussion these days.

Tee: Terry Brooks books, still waiting on a list.

Megan: record wall things, a 50's "malt shoppe" CD

Mari/Ashley: lip stuff, mirrors, maybe some buttons (ETSY stuff)

Mom: UNKNOWN! - possibly a mini-vacation with Dad, split costs with siblings

Dad: Mudcrutch CD

Corrina - bag or go in for a pair of shoes (red patent or snakeskin Dansko's)

Pete - something off his list

Jessica - Bakewise, something off her list

Nelly - new earring for newly pierced ear, see Pete.

Chad - my favorite present of all, the gift of music. Burn a bunch of CDs for him of all genres so he doesn't listen to talk radio constantly. Buy a little CD case and present present.

Myself - bright and shining banana yellow 16GB Ipod Nano, to buy purchased tomorrow. Jeez, I'm so spoiled.

Tee's parents - NOTHING, know why? Because I'm not the girlfriend! So the impossible job of shopping for people with no interests besides indulging every self-interest no longer falls on me. Tra fucking la la la. This X-Mas will be goooooood!

Royboy - Etsy butt-tray

Monkey - new fleece cat whip toy, a favorite since kittenhood.

That's all I've got for today. Lo is at work with me and she's currently on the floor looking at a book/toy called "Granny's Purse." She's picking out the pictures and naming our family members and nothing is more important right now than joining her on the rug to discuss whether that picture resembles Nanny's Baby Kitty or Satan Mac more.

Chiao, wish me luck in St. Paul this weekend!

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Irishembi said...

I still remember when my parents got divorced and she ran into an old friend (also divorced) right before Christmas who told her "The best thing about being divorced at Christmas is not having to buy shit anymore for people you never really liked in the first place."

Merry Christmas list!