Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disasters Are Relative

I sure was cursing the weather gods today when I awoke because there was a layer of snow on the rooftops.

Now, I'm cursing myself for thinking this was such a big deal. My mother just called me with the news that my grandma is in the hospital. The matriarch of our clan, 94 with class and sass, not invincible.

Ok, let's all stop for a "DUH, Etta!" moment. She's going to be 95 in May, most people don't make it that old, it's going to happen sometime. I've half-joked about being the one that Grandma is going to croak on and I've envisioned buying her house after she's gone, but really imagining her gone? That's flat-out impossible, she's too fucking set in her ways to actually die and I'm not ready at all.

That's it, I'm not ready, so it can't happen. Sounds good right? Let's see how it works.


Flower Child said...

wow! you lucky your grandma made it that far! i wish everyday that my grammy would've made it further. she just got to 80! her death was harder on me then getting kicked out by my phsyco step mom and dad! i told her she wasn't allowed to go! how selfish am i!!! but i feel that her live was accomplished that maybe it was right...she had already lived her life and had traveled the world twice!!
I hope your grandma gets better!!!
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irishembi said...

Ah shit Etta! I missed this one. How is she? I remember her picture well and she was the gorgeous white haired one with the designer glasses! How is she?

My Great Grandma was in her 90's and my Grandma was in her late 80's. I wasn't ready either time.