Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The strength of my password memory sucks!

I keep the same password for everything. There. Now if you want to break into my life, steal my highly coveted identity and take over my bills, find out my sneaky, sneaky password and go for it.

Unfortunately, Blogger determined my password sucked too much and I would have to change it. So I used an original password and forgot it pretty promptly. Thus the I'm-too-lazy-to-click-the-forgot-password-link-and-follow-the-directions lapse in blogs...

Apparently I'm more motivated than I thought today. Maybe it was Kathleen the flirtatious Panera woman telling me I was a sexy woman today. Yowza, thanks Kathleen, you made my day by liking my brand spanking new Etsy-gotten capelet!

I have a lot to post and not a whole lot of time to concentrate on things I want to say so today's blog is List Blog (to the rescue...)

In Which I List Things I'll Bitch and Moan About Later:
1. Matt/Vince's child problems
2. Parent blog, how I used to view parenthood to nowadays
3. Sub List, things I want to cook
4. Jay, that weirdo, Mem, Tee, any other men I get involved with before I begin the blog.
5. Lola's potty training
6. food, detox, weight loss
7. Car vandalism/bigotry
8. The reason I'm going to wait to publish this blog publicly until I have more entries.

Told ya I had a bit. I've been thinking about you, loyal non-existant BHL readers. The more and more I think about it though, once I have a stockpile of blogs, I think I might make this blog public. I'll add my reason for this as #8.
Cheers, Etta

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