Wednesday, October 8, 2008

#8 - The Privacy and Subsequent Publication of BHL

These are my henchmen, rolling out the red carpet for your arrival. It's meant to make you feel valued. The carpet, not the henchman.

Probably the least juicy or interesting topics on the List of Things I Will Bitch & Moan About but whatever, sucks to be you.

#8. Why I want to create an archive of posts before "going public" is simple. I first became familiar with this blogging format through Mary Beth's blog Shout out MB, you're the best! I loved going back in the archives and reading up on a person's life, how acceptably voyeuristic! So, I decided I would do the same. Then, I realized that it probably doesn't make make of a difference if I'm public or not, since there's about a zillion bloggers out there, all vying for readers.

So, I made Blackheart Lola public (the fanfare was amazing, huge red ribbon with over sized shears, ceremony and all) and if I pick up a reader here and there, welcome. Welcome to my blog, feel free to comment, I sure do enjoy a good camaraderie here and there. Maybe with time there will be more but it's ok either way, I'm doing this for myself.

Again, welcome to Blackheart Lola, pull up a chair and I will tell you a tale.

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