Friday, October 31, 2008

The Man Who Birthed a Pumpkin

Lo and Etta here in our newly created selves: Pie Filling and Ed. Lola is the cutest little jack-o-lantern this side of the universe (save perhaps for Grey, who has the same costume) and I am a man.

I've been practicing my swagger, Lo is practicing her winning give-me-candy smirk. I'm trying to think of ideas for a substitute penis, Lo is taking a long nap and eating a large lunch in preparation for our big event. Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready.

Things to do this weekend:
trick or treat our butts off
pay my DirectLoan payment
zoo if it's nice out
NOT spend money

Things I've already spent money on:
Megan's record wallhangers
Dad's Mudcrutch CD
Three pairs of new babylegs for Lo (because she's worth it)

'[okjkkudAnd now a word from our glorious namesake:
; m,m,nmjju

And a parting word from "the man." If I had a way to give everyone a Halloween treat, I would capture the giggle that Lola lets loose when I poke my finger into her armpit in a jar and give a grin to the world.


Boo said...

Hey Etta, I didn't even know you had a blog!!! Love it.

Irishembi said...

So - did you grow your armpit and leg hair especially for the occasion? LOL!

Irishembi said...

And I DEFINITELY have you beat on the babylegs addiction. To the tune of about 8 pairs! Because we HAD to have the pink skulls, and the rainbows, and the purple polka dots and the fishies, and the black and red flames, and, and, and.......