Friday, October 24, 2008

In Which I List All Sorts of Positive Stuff.

#16 - I LOVE Monkey
25 Things I like:

1. Getting A's
2. slicing soft fruits and veggies with plastic knives so the skin near the cut puckers and wrinkles
3. avocadoes, artichokes, hummus, pita bread - not necessarily together but not necessarily separate either
4. taking my dog to the dog park when it's empty
5. the satisfaction of pushing a stack of mail into the mailbox
6. reading, anywhere, anytime
7. throwing a fish back into the lake
8. newly-shaven legs
9. the service I get at The Chocolate Factory
10. music obviously created under the influence of drugs
11. telling Lola "we're making cookies/scones/foccacia, do you want to help me?" and seeing her head right towards the step stool before the words are out of my mouth
12. sleeping alone in my bed
13. my new green glasses
14. cacti
15. manual cars
16. Monkey
17. herbs and tomatos fresh from the garden, into the dish
18. having my own kitchen, exactly the way I want it (I don't currently have this but eventually I will again)
19. shoes that are new to me
20. Goodwill shopping while hungover
21. iced tea but only unsweetened
22. voting
23. taking my Grandma out, even when she's mean to me
24. buying things on Etsy
25. taking Lola out to do something I know she's going to love and telling her all about it beforehand and reminiscing afterwards
Happy Friday everyone!
I finished my take home exam this am, turned it in with 7 minutes left on the clock and I think I did a-ok. This accomplishment leaves me feeling free to have guilt-free fun this weekend, I've earned it.
Possible weekend excursions/plans:
Go to Club Rain with Misael and his soccer team
Make and package pumpkin seeds to give out to people I love
Go out for a beer with Nesto
Get a Halloween costume together
Hang out with Royboy, Meg and Megan
Take Lo to see animals

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