Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Main Squeeze/My Main Problem

I straight up flirted with Tee yesterday. Is that legal, is that allowed? God help me, that man is my weakness on this earth. Along with carbs and gin, eating candy in bed, biting my fingernails... well you get the point.

Here are the facts:
He's in Madison for another year still.
He's not really down with an open relationship.
I'm not into a weekends-only monogamous relationship.

Here's my worry:
He'll take our newly discovered lovin' as an automatic "we're together, everything is hunky-dory and back to the way it was before." Which I don't want to occur and cannot realistically happen. Things can't just be the same, we're different now, our situations are different and I'll resist that mentality with all my might. (I want this fucker to woo me again, damn it!)

My ideal plan (as well as my original one):
He does his own thing in Madtown, I do my own thing in Waukesha/Milwaukee. We DO NOT speak of anything naughty that happens while the other is away. A strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy on affairs of the heart. Keep all "others" casual and fun. On weekends, Tee and I are lovebirds. Once his year is up, we regroup and plan accordingly. I want to look at it like a vacation from being a full-time couple. I don't believe he sees it that way.

What's a goil to do:
I can keep putting off "the talk" and let the time breeze by. It has a habit of doing that and I'm sure Tee isn't clueless to my wandering nature, he might be operating on the same policy and I just don't know it...


I can whip out "the talk" and deal with the consequences.

I'll let you guess which one I prefer.

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Irishembi said...

Well looky who came to Blogland when I wasn't paying attention!!! I was all set to be righteously indignant that you've been blogging away since friggin AUGUST! but then I read that you only just made it public.

So I forgive you. You can have a cookie. :-)

And some nookie. Go forth and have nookie. Passive approach seems to be working for now. Buyer beware, you get what you pay for, carpe diem and all that other shit.

Muuuwah! Enjoying BHL immensely and hope you keep it up!

(And don't think I didn't notice the lack of continuation to "The Men and My Beautiful Bartendress". You promised me more sex stories woman. You'd better deliver!)