Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My baby beats me

Last night I was "wrasseling" with my girl. She gets rough. Fullout body slams, belly raspberries (showing my entire family my horribly stretch-marked, jiggly belly)and accidental size 6 shoes in the face and still expects me to give her wild-crazy leg pony rides! (Of course I oblige.)

I love to see her giggly and goofy with her widemouthed grin. I like to "get" her and chase her and eat her super-ticklish armpits. I was doing all these things and she was good n' riled when I went to kiss her head while she was in her Little Tikes car. Down came Mama's lips, up came Lola's face and WHAM, blood galore.

My tooth carved a large crater of flesh out of the inside of my top lip but it didn't sever it completely. So now I have a bloody, meaty chunk of lip-flap that decides to interfere in my daily conversations. A must-have for every vegetarian.

Despite this, it hasn't been a bad day?

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